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The Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door is a smart device for your chicken coop, meaning that it has a Light Sensor that opens the door at sunrise and closes it at sunset.

1 year Battery life

Easy Instalation

Customizable settings


Light sensor

High Security

Robust & Elegant

Play to find out how it works

Play to find out how it work






Run-Chicken door made a huge difference in my life. Before, I couldn’t go on all-day trips, fishing, or visit my friends in the late afternoon because I had to be home at a certain hour to close the chicken coop. Sometimes I asked my friendly neighbors if they could do it, but I don’t want to bother them too often. The Run-Chicken door opens and closes automatically. I can do other chores now in the morning and have no worries. It works perfectly!"

More than just a chicken door

RUN-CHICKEN coop doors are manufactured in such a way that brings customers the ultimate satisfaction when raising their chickens.



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Frequently asked questions

The Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door is a smart device for your chicken coop, meaning that it has a Light Sensor that opens the door at sunrise and closes it at sunset. The motor automatically stops the door if it senses resistance (for example, a trapped chicken). The door stays in that position until you manually open them with the button and release the obstruction.

Yes. Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door is a device that protects the wellbeing of your chickens, especially if you don’t like to get up early or have more to do than close the chicken coop door by yourself every evening. And why do it yourself if our Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door is smart enough to complete the task all by itself? The decision lies in the ease and safety of your little chicken paradise.

The product is sold on our website by clicking the “Buy Now” button on our Homepage and in our Amazon shop, which you can reach by clicking on the Amazon icon at the bottom of our webpage.

One door costs $180.00 or €150.00 (subject to change).

No. Most common predators of chickens are very clever, but so are our Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Doors. Predators mainly attack at night and can potentially figure out how to open coop doors to gain access if they are not tightly sealed. Our Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Doors are designed to be very tightly fitted, and when installed correctly, no claw can open them up when they are closed.

There is a safety stop built-in, so the door will automatically stop if it is obstructed. The door stays in position until you manually open it with the button and release the trapped chicken.

No, we keep it simple. We offer everything in one product—even the power supply. Our motto is one and done.

Yes, the T50 model has that option. You can set the opening time with the button’s green light, the instructions for which can be found in the instruction manual.

You can expect a cardboard box of 16” x 12” x 1.6” (400 mm x 290 mm x 40 mm) and a weight of 2.2 lbs. (0.997 kg).

One package includes one Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door, two AA alkaline batteries, six wooden screws, an installation manual, and an online warranty code.

Warranties can be claimed online by registering at We have a one-year limited warranty.

The door is 9.4” wide and 13.8” high (238 mm x 350 mm).

The door’s walk-through dimensions are 8” x 10” (203 mm x 254 mm). For safety reasons, the doors accommodate a standard-sized chicken.

No, only one size currently exists because bigger doors can cause problems for chicken raisers; however, this may change in the future. If you would like to enquire about a custom size, send a request to our boss, Jure Markic, at [email protected], and he will happily advise you on the best option.

Our team provides customer support 24/7 at [email protected], through the telephone number: +13236843007, and on all our social media channels.

The Light Sensor is designed to be sensitive to natural light but not overly sensitive to artificial light sources. It optimally detects the sun, and the lack thereof, and opens and closes your Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door accordingly, so you do not have to set a timer. The door is smart enough to detect if it is a rainy, murky, or very cloudy day rather than nightfall, so it won’t close and leave your chickens outside. There is a programming option via the button on the door itself for those who wish to set specific opening and closing times. For more information, please refer to the instruction manual.

No, none of those situations would lead the door to open or close. The amount of light during a full moon is not the same as during daytime; likewise, the opposite is true for cloudy days and nighttime.

The doors are made out of aluminum. The sliding chicken coop doors are 0.039” (1.5 mm) thick, the aluminum frame is 0.079” (2 mm) thick, and the aluminum drive unit box is 0.039” (1 mm) thick. Everything is painted with HQ Fine Structural Nontoxic Powder Paint. A power unit is 0.157” thick cast in plastic and coated in black.

The door is available in three colors: Red, Brown, and Gray. We are open to feedback on any further colors to include in the future.

At the moment, the only existing model of Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door is the T50.

The Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door is battery-powered. It requires two AA alkaline batteries, which are included with every door purchased.

No. Run-Chicken automatic coop door model T50 is optimized for use with batteries that run for a whole year before you need to change them. Because of that, we have stopped selling the old model T40 that was working on an electrical / cable connection. Most customers even switch from the old model to the battery-powered one. After a year, customers are happier now that they have a battery-powered door versus the old electrical door.

We recommend that our customers use AA/LR6 standard size high-quality batteries, such as Duracell or Panasonic. If you use high-quality batteries, the door will function for a whole year, even in very cold climates.

You will know that your battery is new and charged when you see a GREEN light (battery indicator) blinking on the upper front right of your door.

You will know that your battery is running out when you see a RED light (battery indicator) blinking on the upper front right of your door.

The Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door will not open at sunrise and will remain closed to secure your chicken coop from predators. When that happens, you should change the battery right away so that your door will resume working. You could manually open the door, but that is not recommended.

Yes, please reconfigure them by using the button.

The BLUE light starts to blink when the unit’s sensor recognizes the change of day to night, and vice versa, which means that the door will soon open or close. BLINKING means that the door is in “preparation” mode to open or close and does not use a lot of battery life.

Usable environmental conditions are between −15 °F and 140 °F (−26 °C to 60 °C).

The Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door can withstand the cold temperatures, but for the sake of your chickens, you should insulate your coop, use heat lamps if needed, and heat the water to keep it from freezing. This will ensure that your chickens and the door will remain very happy.

No. As far as rain, snow, ice, and cold are concerned, our Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door is designed to be mounted on the outside of your coop. There is a setting imbedded in the door that boosts the power of the motor to open the door if the temperature causes the door to get stuck.

No. The wind does not affect the door whatsoever because of the strong and sturdy material that the doors are made of.

They are, and they have an Ingress Protection Grade of 67, which means that water will not damage the electrics so that a high-pressure cleaner can be used to clean the door.

The motor in the door takes ten seconds to open the door and ten seconds to close it. Between dawn and dusk, your chickens can go in or out of the coop as often as they wish.

Installation shouldn’t be a problem; you can view our installation video. All our products come ready to install. Skill with a screwdriver is required to fit your door, ensuring that maintenance is effortless. The Light Sensor works with natural light and is designed with a Universal Plug and Play concept, so there is no need for additional assembly or disassembly. Once a year, you may need to change the battery according to the battery indicator (for the changing of batteries, please refer to the product and installation manual, ask us by email at [email protected], or contact us via our social media channels, linked on our website). As far as maintenance goes, a clean with a damp cloth once in a while and sweeping away debris under the door will ensure it can continue to operate securely.

We do not recommend installing it any other way than it is shown in the installation manual, as the door will not shut and operate properly. The drive unit box must remain on top for safety reasons.

Yes, the Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door works well on various types of coop.

You have the option to easily program your Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door with the button found on the door. All instructions are found on our website in the “Instruction Manual” tab found at the bottom of the page.

We have been manufacturing and selling the Run-Chicken Automatic Coop Door since 2019. We are a very young company and very adaptable to the market because we make products to meet demand, and when we decide to renew a product, we can do so quickly and efficiently.

Yes, we are still helping our long-standing customers, so any questions you may have about our older models can be directed to [email protected].

We launched the Model T50 in 2021, and in 2022 we released an updated T50 model. All our products share the same qualities – quick installation and easy use. In addition, all our models are sturdy and have an elegant design, the best materials to satisfy all customers. Stay tuned, because in the year 2022 we are planning to make and sell other products.

In the future, we want to offer products that would help busy farmers, and we love seeing people putting them to use. In addition, we love to hear feedback because it allows us to produce and invent an even better products.

The logo of a rough chicken outline represents our home country map of Slovenia, EU, shaped like a running chicken. This was also an inspiration for the brand’s name Run-Chicken because the map looks like it depicts a running chicken.

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