8 great omelet tips for cooking with backyard eggs

backyard eggs omelet - egg cuisine

Did you know that omelets were invented in the late 17th century by the French? Since then the popular dish grew in favor and sprung up different variations across the globe.

Well, we have compiled a list of delicious omelets you can make next time that your chicken coop has an abundance of eggs.

backyard eggs omelet - egg cuisine

Types of eggs and omelet making

An omelet can be made with chicken, quail eggs, and goose eggs. If you feel fancy and can acquire these eggs, you can make an ostrich egg omelet or even a crocodile or snake egg omelet. For the last two, we are just joking, we want predators outside the coop, not inside that is why we have designed our automatic chicken coop door to be the safest on the market.

When you decide which eggs you will use and which are readily available to you, you can choose to include sweet or savory ingredients that have been cooked, decanted, or defrosted before adding them in with the eggs and are at room temperature.

If you love chickens and you are vegan, we also have a great option for you on how to make an omelet that does not contain eggs. These recipes are also suitable for all those who are not allowed to eat eggs for various health reasons. In that case, you can opt for chickpea flour and flaxseed omelet, tofu omelet, and veggie omelet without eggs.

backyard eggs omelet - egg cuisine

If you have company to entertain, you can also choose to make a 30 egg omelet or a keto omelet for those guests on a high protein diet.

A simple meal or a glamorous dish

In plain, an omelet is a dish made with beaten eggs, oil, and butter. The omelet is generally folded around fillings like chives, mushrooms, meat, and cheese. Many people enjoy omelets as appetizers or snacks in sandwiches, but you can also enjoy them for dinner, not just for breakfast.

When you decide on the ingredient list, then you can choose a variety of preparations like:

  • air fryer omelet
  • baked omelet
  • Blackstone omelet
  • frozen omelet
  • instant pot omelet
  • omelet in a bag
  • omelet in a mug – microwave omelet
  • oven-baked omelet
  • rolled omelet
  • souffle omelet
  • steamed egg omelet
  • Ziploc bag omelet

backyard eggs omelet - egg cuisine

If you want to prepare it according to some cultural regions of the world, you can choose to make an:

  • African omelet
  • Asian omelet
  • Denver or western omelet
  • French omelet
  • Indian omelet
  • Italian omelet
  • Japanese omelet
  • Mexican omelet

Making an omelet

If you have never made an omelet, you can start with the simplest egg omelet recipe possible. Start by prepping the ingredients. You will first need a medium-sized frying pan and three medium-sized eggs.

Prep the desired herbs and half a cup of cheese. You can coat the bottom of the pan with cooking spray or oil and heat the pan over medium heat. Meanwhile, you can crack the eggs in a bowl. Finally, you can check the eggs for freshness using our guide.

Try to whisk the eggs until the whites and yolks are well combined. Do not over-whip the mixture because it may create froth. Then you can pour in the eggs and other add-ins if desired in the pan and fry for 1 minute. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, and roll the omelet up with a spatula. Flip it and fry for an additional minute. If you’d prefer a smaller omelet, use cupcake/muffin liners as a guide for a perfect-shaped omelet. Then, swirl the rolled-up omelet over the plate. Sprinkle with salt and fresh parsley to serve.

backyard eggs omelet - egg cuisine

It is also important to remember that omelets fry very quickly, so make the filling before adding the eggs. If you are using various ingredients, make sure the filling is thoroughly cooked before you add it in or pour the egg onto the filling. A typical omelet should have about a third to half a cup of filling. Jams, jellies, and shredded cheese are also acceptable if they are prepared separately and not in large pieces.

The omelet should be folded up one at a time and eaten right away. If you’re a fan of French cuisine, you’ll be glad to know that omelets can be made with a variety of ingredients. You can add shredded cheese, meat, and vegetables to your omelet, depending on what you’re craving. You can even splurge on a fancy omelet by using truffles, caviar, or salmon. Of course, the best way to make an omelet is to experiment with different fillings!

For a healthier version, separate the egg yolks and reserve the egg whites. These whites contain less cholesterol, therefore you can use them instead of the other yolks. To make an egg-white omelet, combine 2-3 egg whites with one teaspoon to a tablespoon of water. Then, proceed as if you were preparing a regular omelet.

backyard eggs omelet - egg cuisine

Despite the wide variety of variations, the word omelet has many cultural roots. Whether you’re making a traditional omelet or a French one, there is likely to be one that suits your taste while your chickens and your automatic chicken coop door work.


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