Quiz: How well do you know your chickens?

chickens - chicken breeds - quiz

How well do you know your chickens? Take a quiz and find out 20 fun facts about chickens that may surprise you.

Chickens are much more than just animals who lay eggs or give meat. They are one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a total population of 26 billion.

Chickens are social, inquisitive, intelligent birds with individual personalities. They can be great pets and entertain you with their behavior. While many do not cuddle much, they will eat from one’s hand, jump onto one’s lap, respond to and follow their handlers, as well as show affection. Certain breeds, such as Silkies and many bantam varieties, are generally docile and are often recommended as good pets around children with disabilities.

Maybe you know that chickens are very caring mothers who defend their chicks from predators at the cost of their lives. But the facts below may be a little less familiar to you …

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