RUN-CHICKEN Feeder F50 (Gray) – Automatic Chicken Feeder (Battery Operated)

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Battery Operated Automatic Chicken Feeder

Automatic Mode – Keep your feathered friends healthy and happy by providing them with a consistent and accessible source of food. With a built-in light sensor, the Run-Chicken Feeder opens and closes its feeding tray with the changing daylight. No more waking up early to feed the chickens, and no worries when you are away!

Customizable Settings – Take control of your chicken’s feeding schedule with ease. Our feeder allows you to set specific opening and closing times using the simple button interface or the user-friendly smartphone app. Whether you prefer sunrise and sunset settings or have a unique routine, the choice is yours.

Long-Lasting Feeding without a Mess – Pour in the feeder your chickens’ favorite feed! Run-Chicken feeder holds 25 lbs (11.3 kg) of feed and provides enough food to keep 10 chickens full for up to ten days or one chicken for up to 100 days. The feeder’s unique design keeps the food fresh and reduces food spilling to a minimum.

Safe and Durable – Made from sturdy, eco-friendly Galvanized Steel, this feeder is built to withstand the test of time and the rigors of outdoor use. The feeder comes preassembled and fits in any chicken coop, you can put in on the ground, fence, or wall. The detachable design allows a thorough cleaning to remove stale feed and reduce bacterial growth. Your chickens’ feed is well protected from rats, mice, and wild birds.

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Are you tired of constantly refilling your chicken feeder, dealing with pests, and watching your hard-earned money go to waste? Look no further, because the Run-Chicken Feeder is here to transform your poultry-keeping experience! Made from high-quality Galvanized Steel, this eco-friendly, sturdy and elegant feeder can hold up to 25 pounds of feed. It’s the perfect size for any backyard or homestead. Light sensor technology opens and closes the feeding tray automatically or you can set the specific time. This means your chickens can enjoy their meals whenever they need them, without relying on your schedule. Make sure your chickens are always well-fed with the Run-Chicken Automatic Feeder!

–  Easy to Use & Maintain.

–  Protects food from pests eating and spoiling the food.

–  Eco-friendly.

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