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T50 - Our Bestselling Coop Door Model

Smart Technology for Happy Hens. Enjoy the freedom to sleep in or go on vacation without worrying about your feathered friends.
Say goodbye to manual opening and closing – let our reliable system do it for you!



The RUN-CHICKEN Villa emerges from 2.5 years and 3500 hours of focused development, setting new standards in chicken care by harmonizing innovative design with practical features. Its construction, featuring durable aluminum and roll-form EPS insulation, ensures a secure, comfortable environment for chickens, while its modular design accommodates your flock’s growing needs.

  • RUN-CHICKEN VILLA – Smart Chicken Coop

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    INCLUDED: RUN-CHICKEN Automatic Coop Door and Feeder

    Ergonomic Design and Convenience

    The RUN-CHICKEN Villa is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring simplicity and optimal comfort for your chickens….

    Original price was: $3,400.00.Current price is: $1,890.00.

T50 Limited Editions (swipe ➡️)

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Unlock modern, efficient, and eco-friendly chicken raising today with the solar RUN-CHICKEN Automatic Coop Door Eternal.

Eternal +

Next level of energy efficiency.

NEW! Giant

Meet the RUN-CHICKEN Giant Red, our innovative solution designed specifically for larger birds like Brahmas, turkeys, and ducks.

Upgrade your current RUN-CHICKEN door

NEW! Icebreaker

Outdoor Non-Electrical Water Heater for Chickens

Nesting Box


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