RUN-CHICKEN Indoor Feeder (Brown)


Safe and Reliable – Pour in the feeder your chickens’ favorite feed! Three feeding holes enable multiple chickens to eat at the same time in the comfort of their coop. The feeder has a proper angle dispenser so that food will not accumulate in the food outlet. Works on natural gravity supply system, no electricity required.

Long-Lasting Feeding – No more waking up early to feed the chickens, and no worries when you are away! Your chickens will have the right amount of feed available at all times. Run-Chicken feeder holds 20 lbs (9 kg) of feed and provides enough food to keep 10 chickens full for a week or one chicken for 74 days (assuming an average chicken eats 0.27 lb/122 g per day).

Prevents waste and mess – The secure lid design keeps the food fresh and prevents your chickens from accessing stored food. The feeder’s unique design reduces food spilling to a minimum.

Durable and will last a long time – Made from sturdy, eco-friendly aluminum that will last for years. The feeder is freestanding and fits in any chicken coop. The detachable design allows a thorough cleaning to remove stale feed and reduce bacterial growth.

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Make sure your chickens are always well-fed with the Run-Chicken Feeder! Made from high-quality aluminum, this elegant and sturdy feeder can hold up to 20 pounds of feed. It’s the perfect size for any backyard or homestead. The unique design ensures your chickens have easy access to their favorite food all year round. Get better yields, healthier chickens, and an easier feeding time with the Run-Chicken Feeder today!

Run-Chicken feeders can be placed next to each other to create a more extensive and diverse feeding experience. The unique hexagonal shape makes a perfect honeycomb look that matches the Run-Chicken Nesting Box and Run-Chicken Door.

–  Easy to Use & Maintain.

–  Minimal food spilling.

–  Eco-friendly.

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