18 Famous chicken movie characters of all time

Chickens seem to be more and more crowd-pleasing animals. Not only they are very popular as pets but they also appear on the big screen either as the main film stars or in backyard scenery. Can you name five famous chicken movie characters? 

The list of famous chicken movie characters is, of course, long. Scroll down and check if your favorite chicken characters are on the list too. However, if you miss any character, let us know and we will be happy to add it.

Famous chicken cartoons

1.  Foghorn Leghorn by Looney Tunes is the first character that comes to our mind. Yes, that giant rooster, with red tail feathers and a redhead, a big yellow beak, and yellow claws, with a Virginian accent. This sympathetic character had an important role in 28 cartoons and the Golden Age of American animation.

2. Do you remember the big hit Moana? Do you know the teenager and her pal Maui on an ocean trip? In this animated movie, there was a chicken Hei Hei that was introduced to us as a super stupid rooster, accident-prone, that needs to be relieved all the time. His only luck is that Moana adores him and would do anything to protect him. Just like you would do anything for your hens, right?

3. Ace Cluck known as Chicken Little, is on top of the list of famous chicken movie characters too. This chicken movie has been so popular since the year of 2005 that there have been three video games developed: Chicken Little, Kingdom Hearts II, and Chicken Little: Ace in Action. What’s interesting about this smart, but too worried chicken is that he was at first actually a girl.

4. Another minor character in backyard scenery is very lively and spirited Lady Cluck from the animated feature film, Robin Hood. She is the important advisor of Maid Marian, the big love of Robin Hood.

5. Camila from the Muppets is another astonishing chicken lady that blows the mind of her lover, Gonzo. She is very rare, even in the family of Muppets, since she is the only one with blue eyes among the dozens of others with purple eyes.

6. Another beautiful chicken love story is Chicken run. It’s a comedy about an American rooster Rocky Rhodes and his beloved British hen Ginger who decide to run away from the evil farmer, their owner who wants them to be stuffed in a chicken pie. The following of this chicken cartoon movie is hatching shortly. You don’t need to worry about chickens running from your backyard as in the film if you care well for your chicken. However, make sure predators won’t attack your chickens by mounting this sturdy USA’s best automatic coop door.

American rooster Rocky Rhodes and his beloved British hen Ginger

7. Nick Park is also the creator of the beloved animated chicken movie, Wallace and Gromit, the innovator and his dog friend, which is a real hit among the youngsters.


Wallace and Gromit

8. Pollito from Despicable Me 2 and Minion Rush is a clever and normally friendly chicken until he recognizes filchers like Lucy and Gru were for him. They had a tough first night, ending by shooting with epoxy. After Pollito stole Gru’s purse, he recognized that Gru worked for the Anti-Villain League. What a reversal!

9. Don Bluth designed Goldie for the chicken cartoon movie Rock-a-Doodle in 1991. We could describe her as a nice, sensual, a little bit jealous, caring mother. Her mission was to help Edmond to get his lover to the farm and marry her. The mission was completed.

10. Magically gifted Ponyo, whose one form was a chicken, is our next nominated chicken movie character. Ponyo is so magical that he possesses powers and abilities like enhanced speed, and skills to manage the weather, and in one of his roles, he can even swim. What a chicken, right?

ponyo the chicken11. Another chicken movie worth mentioning is Spirited away. Actually, chickens in this chicken film aren’t superstars, they are minor characters in backyard scenery, named The Ōtori-Sama but we think they deserve a place on the list.

spirited away


12. Do you remember the hilarious American animated chicken movie that was so popular in the 90s – Cow and chicken? How could you forget about that, right? Well, it certainly deserves to be another on our list.

14. Calimero – il pucino Nero is a well-known series of shorts in the 60s. Originally, it appeared in Italian commercials for Ava detergent. In these commercials, he was pretty sad because he thought that nobody loves him for being black. The reality was that he was white, just dirty until he was washed with Ava detergent.

Chickens characters – beloved by adults

15. Robot Chicken, created by Seth Green and Mathew Sanreich, is an animated chicken movie for adults. In this series story, Fritz Huhnmorder tortures Robot chicken and forces him to watch TV shows to transform the body.


robot chicken

16. The real horror is the documentary film: Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! It describes the chicken industry that is not cruel only to the chickens but also to the health of consumers. The film is definitely worth watching.

17. Ernie the Giant Chicken is a fictional character from the Family Guy cartoon series. He is voiced by Danny Smith, the writer of the series. He acts as Peter Griffin’s rival in their adventures. The characters’ relationship is often funny and touching, so it’s easy to understand why so many people want to have Ernie on GamePass. He’s not the only comic character with a similar name. Luckily, Ernie’s appearances in Family Guy movies are more varied than you might think.

18. Are you one of those admirers of Pokemon? Then you certainly know the little fuzzy yellow-orange chicken, called Torchic. This chicken, Torchick is 1’04’’ tall, 5,5 lbs heavy, and has the power to breathe the fire of over 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and fireballs. His evolution phase goes from Torchick #255, Combusken #256, and Blaziken #257. Combusken #256 and Blaziken #257 can not only breathe fire, they can even kick, run and blow intense flames from the wrists.

torchic chicken


Which famous chicken movie character is your favorite? Did we forget to mention someone? Feel free to share your thoughts in our Facebook group Chicken&Egg lovers.

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