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chicken lovers - chicken-themed gifts

There is a very good chance that you know somebody with a flock and whose life has changed considerably since. Here are some chicken-themed gift ideas that will make every chicken owner happy.

Finding the best gifts for chicken lovers doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. We gathered a few suggestions here to help you decide what to buy for this Christmas, birthday, or any other holiday. These specially selected gifts are perfect for everyone on your list – men, women, children, and even chickens! There’s a range of prices here, so if you’re looking for a practical or fun gift for your loved ones – there’s something for every price point. Just wrap it up nicely, and we’re sure they will love whatever you can get!

1. Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Help your family or friends raise happy chickens. Automatic coop door is the perfect gift for every chicken keeper. It makes life easier and saves chickens’ lives. The door works automatically (opens in the morning and closes in the evening) or by setting the timer. Chickens will lay more eggs because they will feel safe from predators. There will be fresh eggs waiting every morning to collect. Your favorite chicken coop owner can put them in a special egg carton with a customized vintage farmhouse design. It especially suits someone that often gives away or sells their farm-fresh eggs on the local market.

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Also, no chicken coop is complete without a cute and colorful swing for the chickens. Who wouldn’t love watching chickens play! On those cold winter days, a stylish handcrafted sweater can help chickens feel warmer. Not to mention how cute they look in a sweater!

2. T-Shirts

T-shirts are a great gift for all the special people in your life – wife, husband, mom, dad, daughter, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, boyfriend, girlfriend, co-workers, and friends. You can wear a T-shirt no matter what time of the year it is. They can be loose or tight and they can still look good. There are so many different styles available and there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a humorous gift there are also many chicken t-shirts with funny slogans.

3. Socks

Who doesn’t love colorful animal socks with cock, hens, and eggs on them? Rooster socks and farm animal socks would be fun little conversation starters and gifts for farmers and chicken lovers. Their feet are sure to stay cozy in backyard muck boots with a pair of fun chicken feeding crew socks. They can be the perfect gifts choice for your beloved ones, on Christmas, on holidays, like ‘Crazy Socks Day’, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Valentines Day, Birthday, Costume Party, etc.

4. Mugs & Cups

Why settle for a boring gift when you can give them a practical gift they can use every day?

It is the best choice for any occasion, home, office, outdoor, cold and hot drinks. A mug of hot coffee or a cup of tea is the perfect companion for those early morning coop visits. Brighten their morning with a funny illustration or a special message.

5. Signs

A funny signboard will make a suitable Christmas or birthday present for a friend or loved one who keeps chickens and has a good sense of humor. A chicken sign makes a great addition to any space. The guests will chuckle once they see a sign mounted in a coop, man cave, study, or bedroom.

6. Books & courses

Maybe you know a chicken lover who is considering starting his/her own flock of chickens, or a chicken keeper who would love to learn something new and improve some skills. Surprise them with a gift card for a course. Live or online courses are becoming increasingly popular but books are a more traditional gift. Give your chicken lover a leg up on how to better understand and communicate with a fine-feathered flock or help them learn how to build just about everything they might need for their coop, run, or farmhouse kitchen. A coloring book is a fun gift, too, for anyone who enjoys humor and coloring and chickens, of course.

7. Jewelry

Giving jewelry as a gift is a wonderful idea – it can be meaningful and convenient even for the most “hard to shop for” people. Encouragement and thoughtful jewelry is a great gift for women, mother, girl or wife for a birthday, Mother day’s, Easter, Christmas or just as a surprise for symbolizing to the special one how much you care! A piece of chicken-themed jewelry will surely bring a smile to a face.

8. Bags & purses

Chicken bag is a must-have for any true chicken lady. It will earn her tons of compliments! A bag is perfect for those weekends shopping at the farmers’ market. In fact, your special one can use a trendy bag every day and everywhere to carry around the necessities, makeup, lipstick, phone, wallet, keys, and more. Chicken bag is an ideal gift for a daughter, girlfriend, family and friends.

9. Underwear

Humorous underwear will make everybody laugh with their clever puns. For the jokester in your family, get him or her silly underwear or gift it to the class clown in your life for Christmas, birthday, or special occasions. A beautiful cute panty with chickens is a treasure for women who love those birds. They will enjoy the soft and comfortable underwear for all-day wear long.

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