DIY Automatic Chicken Coop Door: Pros and Cons

An automatic chicken door is a product that can make daily life easier for chicken owners while also protecting their chickens from predators. Read about the Pros and Cons of DIY Automatic Chicken Coop Door.

You probably have many other activities and animals on your farm or homestead besides chickens. You get more time to do other things by using an automatic coop door to let your chickens in and out. Time is valuable – you can never get more of it. Although numerous professional chicken doors are available on the market, many homesteaders choose to make them themselves. Homemade coop doors (DIY) are understandably cheaper, but due to their shortcomings, you may pay significantly more than if you had purchased a professional coop door in the first place.

Although automatic chicken doors may seem to you a simple product, this is far from the case. Best automatic chicken doors are made based on years of experience and attention to even the smallest details. If you go for an Automatic Coop Door, you must ensure that it works in any weather and is strong enough to stop any predator. See the list of predators in the USA that want to have chickens for a delicious meal.

There are several types of DIY Automatic chicken coop doors, which differ from each other in complexity and the costs required for their production.

You can make an automatic chicken coop door yourself, but…

DIY Automatic Chicken coop doors are more affordable, but it takes a lot of time to make them. You need specific knowledge, technical skills, and tools, which costs money. If you don’t do it well, there is a considerable risk that they sooner or later won’t open/close, and predators will have an accessible way into your chicken coop, which is the last thing you want as a chicken owner.

In addition to poor protection against predators, a DIY automatic chicken coop door can bring you some other worries. If a homemade door does not have a built-in safety sensor, there is a risk that it will squeeze and likely hurt some of your chickens. Manufacturers of automatic chicken doors devote a lot of time and resources to developing safety mechanisms, which ensure that the door will stop automatically if the sensor detects contact with a chicken that, by chance, is standing in that place at that moment.

You will undoubtedly need engineering knowledge to make a DIY automatic chicken coop door. It is necessary to decide on the power supply, the opening mechanism, and the appropriate materials. When you sum up the costs, you’ll often find that buying a professional door is significantly cheaper – and safer.

Since it is a rather complex product with many components, a malfunction can quickly occur, which can have severe consequences for your chickens. 

When you buy a professional door, you can put these worries aside because, in addition to the product itself, you will also receive professional support in case of any complications. 

With RUN-CHICKEN Automatic coop door Model T50, you will also receive a one-year warranty, which includes replacing parts of the product in the event of a malfunction.

DIY Automatic Chicken Coop Door: Pros & Cons


  • Lower costs (if nothing goes wrong)
  • Possibility of personal adjustments
  • Own engineering project


  • Time-consuming
  • High costs when losing hens due to errors
  • No warranty and no customer support

If you have decided to make a DIY automatic chicken door, we wish you the best of luck. But if you think this is too difficult for you, you can purchase the best seller – RUN-CHICKEN Coop Door T50 and save $20.

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