5 “must-haves” to make your chicken coop predator-proofed

Whether you are a free-range chicken raiser or a fully indoor nature breeder, you must have heard or experienced the invasiveness of the wildlife that is praying on your chickens.

Have you ever argued about who will let the chickens out in the morning and who in your family will lock them in at night? If you are more of a night owl, you are probably more thrilled to close them in instead of letting them out in the morning.

So how do you solve the dilemma and at the same time make your chicken coop predator-proofed?

It would be neat if you could somehow secure your chicken coop, and at the same time did something else. For example, your chickens would let themselves out in the morning and close themselves in the evening. That would be safer than debating amongst your family members, who will take care of the coop that day.

As safety is concerned, everyone has probably heard a similar answer. Build a fence around; it is cheap and effective. It is relatively cost-effective from all sides, but only if you install the right kind of fence. One that does not let the predators’ claws in. The holes in the fence need to be very small to be effective. The fence also needs to be dug in deep into the ground. The American Poultry Association also gives a piece of similar advice to the novice breeder. It makes your chicken coop safe from predators and not allowing them to penetrate the enclosure.

The other thing that long exists in any household is a good lock, which is hard to open even for humans. The best option is a lock that does not get quickly lose and is sturdy.

So, let’s break down what you need when securing your chicken coop, no matter the size, length, shape, or style you have. If by any chance you do not have one, check back on our website in a few weeks, where you will get simple instructions on how to build your chicken coop from scratch.

Here are the 5 “must-haves” to make your chicken coop predator-proofed:

1. Fences – prevent all the animals you don’t want to harm your flock.

2. Locks – have a similar function to fences. Just remember to get the ones that are tough to open.

3. Automatic chicken coop door – so you never have to worry about forgetting to close your chickens in at night and let them out in the morning. We recommend the Run-Chicken coop door.

4. Roof – to prevent your chicken flock from dangers above your coop.

5. Distracting objects – pretty for you and scary for the predators. Some swear by old CDs hanging and making strange lights; for others, it’s a plastic replica of a predator that other predators fear.

Here is a free tip or the 6th point for a bonus if you like—the ultimate predator-proofed strategy. Go around your coop by day and at night, observe, get to know your predator, and then conceive a plan. Do you need a giant fence, do you need a bolder door, a lock, or a secure feeder? Does something make holes under your coop and tries to get in? Does someone try to climb through your chicken coops windows? Does it move on the ground or off the ground, in the sky?

When you have all of your questions answered, you can go to your local specialized store or an online retailer and then find something useful, then you will have a winning coop on your hands, and you will truly feel safe, and so will your chickens.

For free-range chicken raisers that like having their flock roam freely, they will always have to keep an eye on your chickens. But when you are not at home, your best bet is to build yourself a tractor coop and place it where your grass is a bit fresher so your chickens can enjoy nature safely and soundly.

Now that we have gone through all the “must-haves” on how to make your chicken coop predator-proofed, you will probably have an easier understanding of chicken safety because you can never have enough eggs. Still, it is hard to have a sunny-side-up breakfast when your coop suddenly disappeared overnight. Everyone can make a strategy for their chicken safety. Here at Run-Chicken, we have done a lot of testing and have found out all of the above to work remarkably efficiently.

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